Stock video footage, images, and music licensing

Looking for footage, images, or music to use in your own projects? Check out my stock media portfolios below. Or get in touch to talk about direct licensing or commissioning custom stock video clips — both at affordable pricing.

Are you a creator who wants to earn passive income from media you’ve got sitting around? Get in touch to have a conversation about my stock media curation and management skills.

Stock Footage from Story & Heart

License story-driven stock footage for use in your own projects from Story & Heart. Resolutions from 1080pHD to 4K UHD available.

Stock Footage and Images by Chad Stembridge on Shutterstock

Stock video and images available for whatever you’re working on.

1080p and 4K stock video clips available for licensing.

Stock Video Footage by Chad Stembridge from Pond5

4K and HD stock video footage available for licensing, as well as stock music tracks.

1080p and 4K stock footage clips available for licensing. Through Adobe Stock, this collection is available directly inside of Premiere Pro CC.

Stock Music by Chad Stembridge from AudioJungle

A few bits of original music I’ve composed, available to license for any project.